Sugar-Free Swaps

By Andy De Santis on

Here are a couple of quick and practical tips to help ensure your Sugar-Free September goes off without a hitch.

8 Swaps for Sugar-Free Success

  1. Swap out your conventional breakfast cereal or sweetened instant oats for steel cut oatmeal.
  2. Replace sweetened yogurt with plain yogurt and use berries, fresh or frozen, to flavour it.
  3. Swap milk chocolate or your standard chocolate bar for minimally processed 85%+ dark chocolate.
  4. Craving something fun? Go for plain air popped popcorn instead of cookies or cake.
  5. Rely on seasonal fresh or frozen fruit when you want something sweet for dessert.
  6. Use hot sauces, herbs and spices instead of other types of sauces like BBQ or teriyaki sauce and make your own tomato sauce rather than using store bought varieties.
  7. Same goes for salad dressing. Make your own using modest amounts of olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice or look up a healthy home-made dressing recipe that fits your tastes online.
  8. Swap out your usual granola bar for a medium banana and a handful of nuts or seeds.  


There you have it folks! Good luck to all you Healthy Heroes!

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