Extend your healthy habits into October and beyond

By Elizabeth Holmes on

For Sugar-Free September, you accepted the challenge to cut out added sugars for one whole month. Now that it’s almost the end of the month – what next? We hope this experience has opened your eyes to the amount of sugar that is added to your food and beverages and that you’ll take some of the tips and recipes you’ve learned with you for the rest of the year.

Cutting out all added sugar is not something the Canadian Cancer Society promotes outside of this challenge, but we do recommend limiting sugar as part of a healthy diet. The good news is that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. It’s a habit you get used to, and every day it gets easier. The important thing is to get started now.

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Healthy eating on a budget

By Elizabeth Holmes on

With a little planning, you can make your money stretch the next time you’re out grocery shopping for your family. Good nutrition doesn’t have to mean paying more for groceries!

  • Review weekly store sales to plan weekly meals.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Make food from scratch and eat in. Take-out most nights of the week can add up.
  • Cook large batches of your favourite meals and freeze the leftovers.
  • Have your children help you plant a vegetable garden. Pick your own produce and eat it right away throughout the summer. Or freeze berries and veggies for use during the winter months.
  • Buy vegetables and fruit in season. Locally grown is often cheaper and is usually fresher. Signs posted in your grocery store or market should tell you where the produce is...
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Take time to eat healthy - even on busy days

By Elizabeth Holmes on

When you’re rushed, you can end up choosing processed foods to put into the microwave or eat on the run. Try to limit how often you eat them – they often contain hidden fat, calories, sugar and salt.

If ready-to-eat meals, frozen foods or pre-packaged foods are the only option,  check the nutritional label. Choose items that are low in saturated fats, salt and sugar. Try to avoid any product with ingredients you don’t recognize. These foods often contain fillers and other things that have no nutritional value. 

These tips for healthy eating on busy days can help with Sugar-Free September and all year round.

When you’re rushed for time

  • Buy pre-cut vegetables to add to your plate rather than forgetting them altogether. They make...
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Sugar-Free Swaps

By Andy De Santis on

Here are a couple of quick and practical tips to help ensure your Sugar-Free September goes off without a hitch.

8 Swaps for Sugar-Free Success

  1. Swap out your conventional breakfast cereal or sweetened instant oats for steel cut oatmeal.
  2. Replace sweetened yogurt with plain yogurt and use berries, fresh or frozen, to flavour it.
  3. Swap milk chocolate or your standard chocolate bar for minimally processed 85%+ dark chocolate.
  4. Craving something fun? Go for plain air popped popcorn instead of cookies or cake.
  5. Rely on seasonal fresh or frozen fruit when you want something sweet for dessert.
  6. Use hot sauces, herbs and spices instead of other types of sauces like BBQ or teriyaki sauce and make your own tomato sauce rather than using store bought...
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Weighing in on Sugar-Free September

By Andy De Santis on

When the Canadian Cancer Society asked me to be one of the ambassadors for Sugar-Free September, I gave it some serious thought.

The reason being that I don’t necessarily believe there is a single ingredient or component or food in our diet that is solely responsible for the health issues in this country.

Yet the more I mulled it over the more I came to realize that, beyond the amazing cause associated with this initiative, I do believe there is real value in Canadians having a better understanding of all the different sources of calories we are putting into our bodies.

The reality we face in this country is that many of us consume more calories than our body’s need, which can ultimately contribute to an unhealthy weight and an increased...

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Getting started tips

By Staff Writer on

So you've signed up for Sugar-Free September – congratulations on committing to being a Healthy Hero and raising funds for the fight against cancer!

Where to get started?

Giving up added sugars can seem like a daunting task. Our best advice to you is plan ahead and keep it simple.

Here are some tips to help you prepare.

  • Check the ingredients list for added sugars. If you see any added sugars near the start of the list, the product is high in sugar.
  • Try diluting 100% fruit juice with sparkling water if you find it hard to give up soft drinks.
  • Try using half the amount of sugar you would usually use in baking. Mashed banana, unsweetened applesauce, raisins and dates can be used instead of some of the added sugar to sweeten your baking.
  • ...
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