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Here's a few ideas to raise funds throughout September:

Featured Tip

Encourage your friends to sign up to Sugar-Free September with you, and create a team and fundraise together.

There’s nothing like strength in numbers to help you through your Sugar-Free month!

Kick start your Sugar-Free challenge by donating to yourself – nothing shows commitment like backing your own cause.

Share your donation on social media too; you never know who might be inspired!

Use social media, particularly Facebook. Update your photo using our social media tools and keep your friends informed on your Sugar-Free challenge. Ask them for donations and encourage their support via status updates.

Dj16 Fundraising Ideas Use Poster

Download posters from the Sugar-Free September website and put them up around your workplace, gym or sports club.

Dj16 Fundraising Ideas Ask Remind

Believe it or not, most people don’t donate because they’re never asked! Or even if they have been asked, they need reminding!

Try asking people from different areas in your life:

  • Ask five of your close friends to donate $10 each
  • Ask four family members to sponsor you $20 each
  • Ask three of your co-workers to donate $10 each
  • Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50

Dj16 Fundraising Ideas Dollar Matching

Dollar-matching is a great opportunity to get support from your employer. Ask your manager or HR team if your workplace has a program to match your fundraising total.

Dj16 Fundraising Ideas Ftiness Fundraising

Sugar-Free September is a great time to get healthy, as well as raise vital funds for the Canadian Cancer Society!

Combine fitness with fundraising and ask your local gym to get involved! Organise a yoga class or cycle marathon and raise funds for your Sugar-Free challenge.

Dj16 Fundraising Ideas Golden Ticket

A Golden Ticket gives a Sugar-Free participant time out from their challenge. For a minimum cost of $20, their time out will still make a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer.

To buy yourself a Golden Ticket, head to your profile page and make a donation.

Dj16 Fundraising Ideas Make Youtube Video

If you’re a fan of YouTube and love to get in front of the camera, make a Sugar-Free September video and share it with your friends.

It’s a great way to encourage donations and support. Be sure to send it to us too: [email protected].

Dj16 Fundraising Ideas Wrap Up Event

Hold a wrap-up event to gather all those last minute donations. Especially for those people who didn’t believe you could complete the challenge and said, “I’ll donate when you’ve done it!”